Welcome to RooRa Pharaoh Hounds

Our business is focused on the training of Pharaoh hounds, educating their owners, and protecting them. We have a special fondness for Pharaoh hounds and started this business about 10 years ago to cater for the need for information among Pharaoh hound owners. We ourselves have 4 Pharaoh hounds as our pets and absolutely adore them. We really enjoy dolling them up with different accessories and have fallen in love with Yippr LED Dog Collars because we spend a lot of time walking our hounds.

At RooRa we offer specific and specialized services. These services include:

1. Education of Owners

One of our most important services is our education and information offerings. To own a Pharaoh hound, you need to understand its personality and temperament. You need to know how to train and exercise them otherwise they become difficult to handle. We offer a lot of information for owners and even have pamphlets and short information sessions.

2. Dog Training

We specialize in training Pharaoh hounds. RooRa does not take in any other breed for their dog training school. Pharaoh hounds require proper and focused training and that is what we give them. Owners need to be present and fully involved to ensure that they can duplicate the training and help with training at home.

3. Dog Breeding Assistance

We do not breed with Pharaoh hounds ourselves, but many people are interested in doing so. We offer sound advice on breeding and also refer serious breeding inquiries to our friends that breed with Pharaoh hounds. They then takeover the process.

RooRa Pharaoh Hounds has a history of excellence in training Pharaoh hounds and making sure that their owners treat them well and train them properly. All hounds that go through our training school are guaranteed to be well-behaved and will protect their owners and families.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us today.

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